Wellness in Bodrum: Health and Relaxation

Welcome to the St. Tropez of Turkey! The exclusive ambience, the large marina and the special flair of the port city in the southwest of the country earned the city this nickname. For many years Bodrum has enjoyed great popularity with visitors from all over the world. Many Turks own a summer residence here and relax on vacation or weekends in the unique coastal town, which differs from other typical places of the country by its architecture. Due to building regulations, houses may have a maximum of two storeys, so there are no skyscrapers to disturb the overall picture or the view.

Visitors can stay in one of the many luxurious hotels. Many of them offer all the amenities you could wish for. These include pools, local and international cuisine, wellness facilities and special sporting activities. Many hotels have their own beach sections, which are not accessible to strangers, so that you can relax undisturbed on the beach. During the day, you can visit the historical centre of Bodrum, where the ancient Halicarnassus is located. Its mausoleum is considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. The remains can still be admired today. A Crusader Castle, an ancient theatre and the Myndos Gate also bear witness to the city's long history. If you would like to experience chic flair and high-society air, we recommend a visit to the marina. In addition to magnificent ships from different countries, there are exclusive boutiques, high-quality restaurants and trendy bars.

The Le Meridien Hotel Bodrum: luxury and wellness in perfect harmony

A particularly beautiful hotel is the Le Meridien Hotel Bodrum. It stands for exclusivity, but also for a healthy life, vitality and wellness. The state-of-the-art hotel is located on its own peninsula and is embedded in beautifully designed gardens. Directly from the hotel you have the best view of the turquoise blue sea and the offshore islands. Experience romantic sunsets directly from your hotel room. You have the choice between 91 elegant rooms and suites, an elegant villa and 19 residences. Light-flooded rooms with generously dimensioned window fronts are a hallmark of the Le Meridien Bodrum.

Restaurant Stella, Beach Rouge, The Bar and Café Le Meridien will take care of your physical well-being. During your meal or over a drink, enjoy the fantastic view of the sea or the pool. All areas invite you either to recharge your batteries or to relax. You can relax particularly well in the wellness area. In addition, a private bay with a sandy beach and a higher pool deck with a magnificent view await you. Let yourself be enchanted in the Le Meridien Hotel Bodrum!

Exclusive medical care on site

You would like to crown your stay in Turkey with a beauty treatment of the extra class? Then the Le Meridien Hotel Bodrum is the right address for you. Because the luxury resort works closely with the surrounding Ethica and Estethica clinics and the hotel itself is approved as a treatment location by the Ministry of Health. Put yourself in the hands of experienced healthcare specialists and enjoy a pleasant mix of health promotion, beauty treatments, relaxation and wellness in Bodrum. You can choose from a variety of programs that detoxify, rejuvenate and generally restore your vital energy to your body. Combine your luxury holiday with exclusive beauty services in a unique way and return home fresh, rested and beautiful after your stay.

All-round care: Wellness in Bodrum

Wellness in Bodrum is balm for the soul. In the breathtaking nature, directly at the turquoise sea, you can calm down and recharge your batteries. The air is filled with the scent of countless flowers and herbs. Already when you get up in the morning, the energy flows through your body. One reason for this is the oxygen content in the air, which is higher than in most other regions of the world. Experience in the Le Meridien Hotel Bodrum a perfect symbiosis of the invigorating wonders of nature and modern medicine. Comprehensive medical care is part of our beauty concept. We take your individual wishes and needs into consideration, taking into account personal factors such as age and possible pre-existing conditions. You get it:

  • A preliminary medical consultation and constant accompaniment
  • A daily nutrition plan and special dietary supplements
  • Holistic clinical applications
  • Wellness applications for detoxification
  • Rituals for body and mind

Intensive Detox Program

Our body is full of toxins that accumulate through normal everyday life. Environmental toxins, alcohol, cigarettes, a wrong diet and stress lead to diseases and a pale complexion. We become more susceptible to infections, our hair becomes thinner and we are generally more exhausted. Detox means detoxification. With different rituals and applications the toxins are expelled from your cells and you become fresh and healthy again. The intensive detox program lasts 3, 5 or 7 days. Special detox foods, drinks, teas and soups are used. The immune system is boosted, the skin becomes better and younger and weight loss occurs when the toxins disappear from the body. The Detox program follows a structured daily routine with an optimal balance of rest, exercise, nutrition and applications.

Better health and revitalization

After an illness or operation it often takes a long time until the body is completely fit again. Even during chronic illnesses the general condition suffers and the body is not as efficient as one would wish. Our program for better health and rejuvenation focuses on your physical, mental and spiritual health. It follows a holistic approach that takes into account the close interaction of body and mind. The programme also has positive effects on sleep disorders, general stress, menopausal symptoms, depression or physical dependencies. You have the choice whether your wellness program in Bodrum should last 3, 5 or 7 days.

The Anti-Aging Program

Youth is equated with health, fitness, beauty. No wonder that many people want to delay the aging process as long as possible. The Le Meridien Hotel Bodrum's anti-aging programme will pamper you in 3, 5 or 7 days with various treatments that will freshen your complexion and revive your spirits. Wellness in Bodrum combines aesthetics and health in a pleasant way.

Aesthetic applications for more beauty

Sometimes external applications are simply not enough to form the desired image that each individual has of himself. During your stay at the Le Meridien Hotel Bodrum you can therefore have the experienced hands of qualified physicians perform aesthetic procedures that bring you closer to your ideal of beauty. Here, too, we take a holistic approach, combining external applications with fillers or injections to achieve the best possible result. At the same time, effective masks, ozone therapy or acupuncture are also available.

Tailor-made relaxation for each individual guest

Once you have decided on the special wellness programme in Bodrum, you will be thoroughly checked at the beginning of your stay. Your treatment will be as individual as you are. This means that in addition to parameters such as height, weight and age, factors such as your fitness level, mental health and medical history are also taken into account. A personal health programme will then be put together for you to set the course of your life anew. During your stay you will receive permanent medical care. A contact person will take care of your wishes and questions at any time and together with a diet expert you will be introduced to the subtleties of healthy nutrition.

The holistic concept of wellness in Bodrum

Our wellness program in Bodrum follows a holistic approach. We take care of your mind as well as your body and combine traditional and modern approaches. In this way your potentials are fully exploited and stress factors are gradually eliminated. Whether healthy nutrition, yoga, meditation or massages - after your stay at the Le Meridien Hotel Bodrum you will be fresh and relaxed like you have not been for a long time.

Wellness in Bodrum: Beauty treatments and services

At the Le Meridien Hotel Bodrum you can choose from a wide range of applications. Depending on the destinations you want to reach during your stay, you have the choice between many different measures.

Detoxification and well-being treatments

  • Lymphatic drainage - the special treatment allows lymphatic water and toxins to flow off better.
  • Cupping - a negative pressure is created with cupping glasses. This helps the body to detoxify.
  • Ozone sauna - in the high oxygen environment the immune system is stimulated and strengthened.
  • Liver detoxification mask - the liver plays a decisive role in the detoxification process. With an appropriate mask, toxins are removed.
  • Medical abdominal massage - the massage is extremely effective for various complaints such as asthma, cycle irregularities, fatigue or back pain.
  • Salt cave - the high salt content is healthy for the respiratory tract and supports the treatment of asthma, sinusitis, COPD or general shortness of breath.
  • Turkish bath - the skin is cleaned, the pores widen. The Turkish bath is the perfect preparation for further applications and also very effective in itself, because it tightens and improves the appearance of the skin.
  • Massages - muscles are loosened, stress is slowly released from you. The blood circulation is stimulated and the lymph can circulate better.
  • Sleep therapy - Sleep problems are alleviated, your sleeping habits can change and adapt better to your needs.
  • Face masks with collagen - the skin is tightened and immediately looks younger and fresher.

Exercises for more strength and physical fitness

  • walking
  • meditation
  • yoga
  • pilates
  • breathing therapy
  • dance
  • Individual Physiotherapy

Beauty treatments that work from within

  • Mesotherapy - injections are used to introduce lightly dosed medications, vitamins and trace elements into the middle layer of the skin to improve the appearance of the skin, among other things.
  • Filler - hyaluronic acid and other products are used to reduce wrinkles and model the face. The product is injected under the skin at the desired positions.
  • Cosmetic acupuncture - through the targeted use of fine needles, the facial skin becomes firmer and wrinkles can disappear.

Beauty treatments that work from the outside

  • Hyaluronic mask - the skin elasticity is promoted, small wrinkles can disappear.
  • Medical hand and foot care - beautiful, healthy nails, support for deformed nails or fungal diseases.
  • Anti-mark facial care - antioxidants and vitamin C reduce age spots.
  • Pomegranate peeling - improves the appearance of the skin through the gentle peeling effect during massage and supports the skin with vitamins.

The advantages of wellness in Turkey

Would you like to become more vital, healthy and balanced? Then a wellness stay in Bodrum is the right thing for you. Your mind will be refreshed and your body revitalized in beautiful surroundings. You can discuss which treatments are suitable for you individually with your local medical caregiver.

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