Your clinic for cosmetic surgery in Istanbul

The beauty clinics offer you these advantages

  • Your health and satisfaction enjoy the highest priority with us.
  • Top trained doctors and recognized plastic-aesthetic surgeons
  • Three modern equipped clinics in Istanbul
  • No hidden costs: price savings of up to 50% compared to cosmetic surgery in Germany
  • Attractive package prices: You save 50 % of the costs for up to two further treatments.
  • Medical aftercare after the operation
  • Comprehensive service including hotel booking and optional other wellness offers
  • German-speaking support throughout the entire process, from advice and on-site support to aftercare

Brazilian Butt Lift
with own fat &
Hotel stay (5 nights)


Plastic surgery in Turkey - Procedure

First contact via telephone, WhatsApp or e-mail: If you would like to make use of one or more of our services, please first contact us via one of the channels mentioned above.

Preliminary discussion: One of our competent employees will be happy to answer your questions about the procedure of the desired procedure, the choice of appointment and travel organization and determine your expectations and wishes for treatment.

Send us pictures: In the next step you can send us photos of the body regions which are to be treated by a surgical or cosmetic intervention in Turkey. The pictures serve above all your security: The treating physician can not only make a rough cost estimate of the desired operation, but also recognize whether your physical conditions permit the desired treatment.

Personal consultation: In a second consultation, the attending physician will inform you about the exact course of the treatment, explain the various treatment methods and also give an overview of the postoperative course and the risks of the intervention.

Preparation of a cost plan: If you decide to undergo the procedure, we will prepare a transparent cost plan for you. This does not only include the treatment itself, but also lists all other services such as medical compression underwear, material costs, hospital stay as well as hotel and airport transfers. So you know right from the start what costs you can calculate - without unpleasant surprises.

Scheduling: The next step is to plan your arrival and your stay with us. To do this, we need a flight confirmation from you by e-mail with the date of your arrival. We will then send you a confirmation of your surgery appointment, your hotel booking and your transfer from the airport.

Arrival and transfer: On the day of your arrival, you will be picked up personally from the airport by one of our staff members and taken to your hotel.

Operation day: One of our German-speaking staff will pick you up at the hotel for your treatment and take you to the clinic.

Stay in hospital: If your treatment includes a stay in hospital, you will spend one to two days under medical supervision in one of our modernly equipped hospital rooms. This is also where the post-operative aftercare services are carried out.

Discharge from the clinic: As soon as you can leave the clinic, one of our employees will take you back to your hotel. Should follow-up checks be necessary in the next few days (e.g. on the status of wound healing), you will also be accompanied back and forth by a German-speaking staff member.

Return journey: On the day of your return journey, you will be taken from the hotel to the airport.



Popular health services for a beautiful and healthy body

The right to feel good in one's own body through beauty corrections used to be reserved for celebrities only. Fortunately, the offers of beauty clinics have long since changed this. We offer plastic surgeries and cosmetic corrections at the highest medical level at reasonable prices and make our contribution so that every person can live in harmony with his or her appearance.

Our Beauty Clinic offers its health services in eight languages: English, German, Arabic, Russian, French, Swedish, Dutch and Turkish.



The medical staff

The term "beauty corrections" often makes one forget that the associated methods are interventions in the body. Health must therefore always be at the forefront of all treatments. Beauty surgeries and beauty treatments can therefore only be performed by physicians who are qualified to do so.

Patients from Germany, Austria and Switzerland are used to the highest medical standards. If you are thinking about having a beauty correction

performed abroad, you will often hear concerns among your acquaintances as to whether these standards can be achieved abroad at all. For Turkey, we can certainly dispel these concerns.

In our clinics only experienced doctors with university education as well as specialized training in aesthetic and plastic surgery and dentistry work. All medical treatments therefore reach the same high quality level as in the German speaking countries.



Beauty corrections with ethical responsibility

The focus of all our offers and activities is always on healthy people. We reject beauty surgeries and corrections which are only performed to achieve a certain aesthetic goal, but which lose sight of the health of the person. At our clinic, all patient treatments must be based on careful diagnoses and therapies that are individually tailored to each patient.

There is a simple reason why we can offer all these services at a lower price than clinics in Central and Eastern Europe: general costs and salary levels are lower in Turkey.

This enables us to offer our patients the same high medical standards as in Western Europe at a reasonable price.

In order to always provide our patients with the best possible treatment, we continuously evaluate, develop and improve our procedures, methods and procedures.

In our health centres and clinics in Istanbul, with modern rooms and friendly staff, we make sure that you feel comfortable. We work with the most modern technical equipment and specialized doctors. In addition to our medical services, you also benefit from additional services and attractive wellness offers.



Health tourism and health trips to Turkey

Thanks to its geographical location, social structure and economic development over the past decades, Turkey has become an important centre for health tourism and health travel. Not least, the health sector has benefited from this development, with a lot of money and know-how flowing into it. The growing internationalisation of the Turkish health care system gives us and our patients the certainty of being in the best medical hands in Turkey.

Health tourism in Turkey has become increasingly popular in recent years. Turkish doctors enjoy the same impeccable reputation as their colleagues in Germany. In 2011 alone, 200,000 people from various nations travelled to Turkey for medical treatment. This does not only apply to cosmetic surgery: In the field of traditional medicine, detox, acupuncture and wellness, Turkey is also one of the ten most popular health destinations in the world.

Additionally to ultramodern hospitals, first-class physicians and treatment methods Turkey scores with over 1600 Thermalquellen, which support an optimal rehablitation. Also the clean seas and beaches as well as numerous objects of interest provide for recovery and relaxation. Many patients therefore like to combine medical treatment in Turkey with an extended holiday and enjoy a wide range of orthodox and traditional health services.