Mommy Makeover Package - Tightness and contour after pregnancy and lactation

With the Mommy Makeover, women have the opportunity to feel as comfortable in their body after birth as they did before pregnancy. Our Mommy Makeover Package includes the treatment of all problem areas of the "After Baby Body":

  • Abdominoplasty
  • Body contouring on abdomen, bottom, back, waist etc. - including fat reduction (liposuction) and skin tightening with and without surgery
  • Breast surgery - breast lift, breast reduction or breast enlargement

Our plastic surgeons put together the type and scope of Mommy Makeover individually and according to your wishes. Think about yourself after the birth and find your way back to the figure you like to be seen with with our makeover package for mothers.


ATTENTION: Everyone is unique. This means that the treatment process, planning and outcomes can be different for you. The information you see here is the averages encountered in a large sample size. For details please contact us via WhatsApp: +49 170 5473999

Number of sessions / operations: Variable
Duration of the operation: Variable
Return to work: 1 - 2 weeks
Healing: 3 days to 6 weeks
Anesthesia: General anesthesia
Success of the results: Depending on treatment
3.750 Euro (incl. transfer, without hotel)
4.110 Euro (incl. transfers and hotel for 5 nights)
Hospital stay: Max. 1 - 2 nights

What’s a mommy makeover?

In German-speaking countries the term Mommy Makeover has only been used for a few years. Literally translated Mommy Makeover basically means nothing else than "Mami rejuvenation cure". But since makeover can also be translated as "complete renewal", critical voices often become loud against these beauty surgeries, which are offered as a package. After all, there is nothing about a woman that would ever have to be "completely renovated" or "restyled" - especially not after a pregnancy. That's what we see as well.

Most pregnancies, however, leave traces on the mother's body, with which she herself sometimes finds it difficult to live. For most women, the abdomen still looks curved weeks after childbirth like it did during pregnancy. In addition, there are stretch marks, sagging breasts and stubborn fat pads, which can usually not be removed with diets, special exercises and sports.

A Mommy Makeover offers mothers the opportunity to regain the feeling of well-being they had before their pregnancy, even after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Of course, changes are also possible that you may have always wanted - such as a defined waist, larger or smaller breasts, removal of problem zones and much more.

What services are included in the Mommy Makeover Package?

The Mommy Makeover Package is based on the wide range of cosmetic corrections and beauty operations in Istanbul (Turkey) and is tailored to the typical problem zones of mothers after birth and lactation. The type and extent of corrections and surgeries are determined individually.

In a conversation with the plastic surgeon, you first explain the body regions where you want changes to take place. While a tummy tuck or breast lift cannot be performed without surgery, the doctor will often be able to suggest cosmetic corrections as an alternative to surgery during body conturing. At the end of the procedure, you decide for yourself which corrections and surgeries are to be performed.

Frequent cosmetic corrections and cosmetic surgeries of the Mommy Makeover


So that the abdomen can grow during pregnancy, the mother's body releases hormones that lead to softer abdominal skin tissue. After pregnancy, the tissue often remains soft for a longer period of time, so that the abdominal skin does not always automatically recede.

The ability of the tissue to find its way back into its old form is partly genetic. While some women very quickly regain their old abdominal shape, others have to fight hard for it. Often an abdominoplasty is even the only way to regain a taut abdomen.

Depending on the degree to which the abdominal skin has sagged, different methods of abdominoplasty can be considered:

  • In a large abdominoplasty (full abdominoplasty), the skin is tightened over a large area and the navel is also moved.
  • With the mini abdominoplasty the tightening is limited to the area between navel and pubic bone.
  • In some cases, liposuction with laser technology is also recommended. The excess abdominal fat is liquefied and sucked off via thin needles. This method is particularly gentle. Liposuction can be performed both as an individual therapy for abdominoplasty and in combination with large or mini abdominoplasty in one operation.

Breast lift

Hormones cause the breasts to swell during pregnancy. If breast-feeding takes place after the birth, the breasts expand even further due to the milk shot. After breastfeeding, these two factors disappear. This often results in low sagging breasts, which often severely affect the self-confidence of the affected woman. The Mommy Makeover Package therefore naturally also includes a breast lift.

  • The so-called periareolar breast lift removes a strip of skin around the nipple. This breast operation is particularly low in scars.
  • The T-section is used when a lot of excess skin has to be removed. With this method, the nipple can also be moved if necessary.

Which surgical method is most suitable for your case can only be determined in an individual consultation with our doctors.

Body Contouring

Fat reduction and skin tightening with and without surgery are also part of our Mommy Makeover Package. The physical changes caused by pregnancy and breastfeeding are not only noticeable in the abdomen and chest, but often also affect many other regions of the body such as the waist, back, upper arms or thighs. You can tackle all these problem areas with our Mommy Makeover in Istanbul to achieve a tight and well-proportioned figure again.

  • Liposuction is minimally invasive with modern liposuction. The patient is only put into a twilight sleep, which significantly reduces the recovery time. The fat cells are flushed with a special solution and then sucked off. In order to improve the result, our plastic-aesthetic surgeons combine liposuction with particularly gentle laser lipolysis. This method liquefies fat cells and sucks them off through thin needles. The wavelength of the laser simultaneously activates the collagen of the connective tissue - resulting in an even better skin appearance.
  • Skin tightening at the waist, back, upper arms or thighs is mainly used to remove excess skin that does not recede after pregnancy. Depending on the extent of the tightening, an operation lasts between 2 and 4 hours. As a rule, a hospital stay of 1 to 2 days is necessary. After the operation, a support corset must be worn to heal the wound. The costs for this corset are already included in the Mommy Makeover Package.

When is the best time for a Mommy Makeover?

A Mommy Makeover directly after the birth is neither reasonable nor really possible. It takes some time for your body to reach hormone levels before birth. If you breastfeed your baby yourself, it will take about three months for the breasts to recede. A breast lift after breastfeeding is only possible six months after the end of the breastfeeding period. Always give yourself and your body a few months of time first.

Many of the things that bother you immediately after giving birth will disappear on their own in the weeks that follow. We also recommend that our patients first get involved with their new child's everyday life. Also take the time for gymnastics and sport as well as a consistent change of diet. Only if these measures do not work and you are still dissatisfied with the firmness and shape of your body, a Mommy Makeover is a good alternative.

What does the Mommy Makeover Package cost?

The Mommy Makeover Package is basically nothing more than a series of cosmetic corrections and aesthetic-plastic operations with which the "after-baby body" of mothers can be brought back into shape. As a rule, the treatment methods are carried out in individual sessions or operations. Only liposuction can be performed in one operation with both skin lift and breast lift. You will discuss the exact procedure of your Mommy Makeover in detail in a detailed consultation before the treatments with one of our local doctors in Istanbul.

The Mommy Makeover Package includes corrections and surgeries on the following body regions:

  • Abdomen
  • chest
  • waist
  • back

In addition to abdominal and breast lifting, skin tightening can also be performed on other parts of the body - in consultation with the doctor and depending on the scope of the other measures. Liposuction is performed both by classical liposuction and laser lipolysis.

You will receive the Mommy Makeover Package with all the above operations including a corset and all necessary transfers between airport, hotel and hospital:

  • without hotel for 3.750 Euro,
  • with hotel (5 nights) for a total of 4.110 Euro.