Beautiful lips thanks to a lip enlargement in Istanbul

Full lips stand for sensuality, they appear aesthetic, youthful and appealing. A pretty mouth with a heart-shaped upper lip is considered the ideal of many women. But in old age the natural fullness of the lips decreases more and more, wrinkles appear and the lips don't look as fresh anymore. Are you perhaps also dissatisfied with the shape of your lips, have an unfavourable ratio of upper and lower lip or an asymmetry? With a lip augmentation in Istanbul these flaws can be easily corrected. Here in Turkey you combine a relaxing holiday with a small operation and come back home relaxed and beautiful. Our specialists in the Clinic have many years of experience in the field of lip modelling and will be happy to help you achieve your desired lips. After a detailed consultation on the possibilities and risks of the procedure, the lip augmentation is performed on an outpatient basis. Immediately afterwards, you can return to your hotel and continue to enjoy your stay in Istanbul without any worries.


ATTENTION: Everyone is unique. This means that the treatment process, planning and outcomes can be different for you. The information you see here is the averages encountered in a large sample size. For details please contact us via WhatsApp: +49 170 5473999

Number of sessions / operations: 1 session
Duration of the operation: 1 hour
Process of return to work 0-1 days
Healing: none to 3 days
Anesthesia: general anesthesia, local anesthesia or none
Success of the results: 9 months to forever
Hospital stay: 0

In what ways can lips be modelled and enlarged?

We perform lip augmentation in different ways, depending on what suits your individual lips and face. Our surgeons have a trained eye for facial aesthetics, which is the most important part of lip augmentation. Our doctors consider the symmetry of your face and adjust your lips so that they fit harmoniously into the overall picture. You don't have to worry about the dreaded "inflatable lips" because our surgeons have a lot of experience in the field of lip modelling and are happy to help you achieve natural, harmonious proportions. The durability of the lip enlargement depends on the chosen method.

Fast and uncomplicated - lip augmentation by injection

For lip augmentation by injection, we usually use hyaluronic acid, which is introduced into the tissue by means of fine syringes. Pain can hardly be felt because the needles are extremely thin and our doctors have an experienced hand when placing the syringes. Before the injection, the lips are thoroughly disinfected to minimize the risk of infection. If you wish, the injection sites can be slightly anaesthetized with a local anaesthetic. Cooling with ice beforehand has also proven effective in reducing negative sensations and the risk of swelling. The entire procedure only takes a few minutes, so you can enjoy your stay in Istanbul before and after your visit to the Clinic without any restrictions.

Subnasal lip lift promises a lasting result

In the subnasal lip lift we tighten the skin between nose and upper lip. A small strip of skin is removed directly under the nose. Thanks to their experience, our surgeons are able to perform this procedure in such a way that no visible traces remain. As a result, by shortening the skin, the upper lip is lifted, the red of the lips appears larger and the teeth become visible more quickly when smiling - your face immediately appears more open and friendly. Our experienced surgeons place and suture the incision so that only a minimal scar remains after the healing process is complete. However, the position directly under the nose means that the scar is not noticeable. The result is permanent.

Long-lasting lip lifting at the lip contour

During a lip lift on the lip contour, our surgeons remove a piece of skin directly from the upper lip. When the suture is then closed again, a protrusion occurs in which more lip red is visible than before. Since the suture is located directly at the transition from lip red to facial skin, it is hardly visible.

Wellness and beauty with trained professionals

Turkey has been a popular destination for tourists from all over the world for years. The climate is pleasant all year round, in summer our guests appreciate the many hours of sunshine they can enjoy at the beach, by the pool or on an interesting excursion. At the same time Istanbul is ideal if you want to do something for your beauty on holiday. In our modern clinics, experienced doctors and competent staff await you. The medical standards are no different than in Germany, so there is nothing lacking. Lip modelling, like most plastic procedures, is a purely private service that is not covered by health insurance. In Turkey, however, the costs for equipment and personnel are significantly lower than in Germany, so that you benefit financially from having your lip augmentation performed in Istanbul - without having to worry about compromising medical standards.

As we regularly operate on and care for patients from Germany, we are optimally prepared for you. German-speaking companions are always at your side to overcome the language barrier. So you always have a perfect overview of the type of treatment, possible risks and the things you should consider afterwards. Since the side effects of a lip augmentation usually disappear completely after only a few days, you will return home after your holiday with beautiful and sweeping lips.

Hyaluron: The proven remedy for aesthetic lip augmentation

We usually use hyaluronic acid for lip augmentation by injection because it is very well tolerated. During lip enlargement in Istanbul, we take advantage of the fact that hyaluronic acid binds water to itself. Lip modelling lives from this effect. If the lips become limper with age or the wrinkles deepen, this is because the hyaluronic acid can no longer bind as much water as before. Where the lip structure used to be filled with water, skin wrinkles now remain. Thanks to hyaluronic injections, more water can be stored in the lips again and they immediately appear fuller and firmer.

How long does a lip enlargement with hyaluronic acid last?

Hyaluronic acid is not permanently durable, but is gradually broken down by the body. This process takes up to twelve months. However, the treatment can be repeated at any time. If you have the feeling that the fullness of your lips has diminished too much, you can simply have it injected again in our Clinic. The more frequently the treatment is repeated, the longer the result is usually visible. However, you should keep an interval of about nine months between two treatments.

The time after lip augmentation in Istanbul

Depending on the method you have chosen for your lip augmentation in Istanbul, you should rest after the procedure. The lips are very well supplied with blood. This means that swelling or haematomas can occur, but they should subside after a few days. Avoid physical exertion during the first few days and avoid the sun. After the lips have been injected, you should refrain from using make-up or creams on the day of the operation. The next day you can then apply make-up or your usual make-up over any discolorations that may occur. Avoid using blood-thinning painkillers such as aspirin for the time being and take ibuprofen as needed instead.

Possible risks of lip augmentation

As with any surgical procedure, lip augmentation can also cause problems. However, these are extremely rare and in most cases disappear automatically within a short period of time. During lip augmentation in Istanbul you are in the competent hands of well-trained surgeons. Unwanted effects such as "inflatable lips" or asymmetries are therefore not to be expected. If there are any side effects, the clinic doctors will be happy to help you.

In the case of surgical interventions, the risk also depends on the anaesthetic method used. Lip lifts can be performed under local anaesthesia or under general anaesthesia - this can be used, for example, if you want to combine the procedure with further lifts. In general, surgical interventions can lead to wound healing disorders. If these are not treated, the affected tissue may die. If you have the feeling that your wound is healing badly, if you get a fever after the operation, if your lips are suddenly excessively swollen or hot, please introduce yourself to us again.

Risks of lip augmentation with local anaesthesia

The local anaesthetic is usually injected under the skin, where it numbs the surrounding tissue. During your lip augmentation, you are fully conscious but do not feel any pain on your lips. In rare cases allergic reactions to the anaesthetic may occur. There is also the possibility that a haematoma may appear at the site of the puncture.

Possible risks of general anesthesia

During general anesthesia, you won't know about the procedure. After general anaesthesia, in individual cases circulatory problems, dizziness and nausea with vomiting may occur. If you have already had experience with this, the anaesthetist can give you medication against these side effects beforehand. As you are under the constant supervision of an experienced anaesthetist, you do not need to be afraid of not waking up again. Before a general anaesthetic is administered, a detailed preliminary discussion takes place, during which previous illnesses are asked for. An increased risk exists, for example, with patients who have to take blood-thinning medication on a permanent basis.

Reversing lip augmentation with Hylase

Even with the greatest care of our doctors, hardening or granulomas can occasionally occur during lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid. These usually disappear by themselves. If this is not the case, the degradation process of hyaluronic acid can be accelerated with Hylase. The enzyme breaks down the hyaluronic acid. Hylase does not differentiate between artificially introduced and endogenous hyaluronic acid, but degrades both varieties equally. However, since the body's own hyaluronic acid is produced immediately, this has no effect.

Your advantages of a lip enlargement in Istanbul

Lip augmentation in Istanbul offers many different advantages:

  • You will receive first-class medical care from experienced surgeons.
  • Attractive prices due to lower costs for personnel and equipment.
  • You can enjoy a wellness holiday in a relaxing and modern facility.
  • Istanbul's urban flair and the Mediterranean Sea are close by.
  • The transparent cost plan protects against unpleasant financial surprises.
  • From the preliminary discussion to the aftercare a German-speaking company overcomes the language barrier.

Combine your wellness stay in Turkey with a lip enlargement in Istanbul. Please feel free to contact us for a first, non-binding conversation about your wishes!