With a hair transplant in Turkey to a new look

With a hair transplant in Istanbul you get full hair, a younger look and therefore more self-confidence. In our modern equipped clinics in Istanbul we offer all kinds of hair transplantation and hair conservation therapies. All hair treatments are carried out by certified and experienced specialists in aesthetic surgery and accompanied by dermatologists and anaesthetists. With a health trip to Istanbul you will regain fuller hair and more self-confidence. And all this at a significantly lower price than in Germany!

Hair transplantation in our clinics in Istanbul

Our specialists achieve the best results and a permanently natural appearance. Benefit from our modern treatment methods with

  • FUE technology
  • Sapphire percutaneous technique
  • latest DHI-Plus-Gold-Technology

Beard hair and eyebrow transplantation

For a full and gapless beard and expressive eyebrows, we offer minimally invasive transplantation methods for men and women.

Hair transplantation for women

Our therapy methods for full and beautiful hair are of course also available for women in our clinics in Istanbul.

Mesotherapy and PRP treatment

To support a hair transplant or as a strengthening therapy you can also book nourishing mesotherapies and PRP treatments with your own blood.


ATTENTION: Everyone is unique. This means that the treatment process, planning and outcomes can be different for you. The information you see here is the averages encountered in a large sample size. For details please contact us via WhatsApp: +49 170 5473999

Number of sessions / operations: 1-6 sessions
Duration of the operation: approx. 3 hours
Process of returning to work: immediately
Healing: no convalescence time - 36 hours
Anaesthesia: no local anaesthesia
Success of results: continuous-1 year
Hospitalization: Usually not necessary

Your advantages of a hair transplant in Turkey

Cost savings of up to 50%.

Due to lower personnel and material costs, we can offer you high-quality hair transplants at significantly lower costs. With a hair transplant in Turkey you save up to 50% compared to treatments in Germany.

Health trip to Turkey to relax

Why not combine the useful with the pleasant and turn your stay into a feel-good holiday in Turkey? We are happy to take care of your hotel booking and your well-being on site: Through our cooperation with the largest wellness providers in Turkey, you will experience a pleasant Turkish wellness culture for a relaxing holiday during your stay with us.

We speak German

During your stay in one of our clinics, you will receive German-speaking support, which will help you find your way around and support you in any questions you may have to our medical staff.

Transparent prices

You will receive a complete list of all costs from us before conclusion of the contract. So you know exactly for what amount is charged: Transparent, fair and clear.

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New look with full hair

Causes of permanent hair loss

The reasons for hair loss can be manifold. In our modern equipped clinics in Istanbul we exclusively treat irreversible hair loss and help both male and female patients to new self-confidence. Hair loss is caused by, among other things, hair loss:

Irreversible hair loss through genetic predisposition (androgenetic apolezie)

The most common cause of permanent hair loss is mainly men and is genetically determined. The natural growth phases of the hair are disturbed by the hypersensitivity of the hair roots to the hormone DHT - an active form of the male sex hormone - which is inherent in the genes: If a hair falls out, the hair roots (follicles) do not regenerate and no new hair is formed.

In men, the typical picture of androgenetic hair loss is one of an increasingly receding forehead boundary, the so-called secret hairline. In an advanced stage, the amount of hair in the temple area and at the back of the head also decreases until only one hair ring remains in the neck area.

Zur Bestimmung des Stadiums des androgenetischen Haarausfalls wird das Hamilton-Norwood-Schema verwendet. Das Bild zeigt das Schema mit allen Stadien im Überblick.
The Hamilton-Norwood scheme shows the different stages of androgenetic hair loss in men.

Hair loss can be stopped by hormone therapy, for example with Minoxidil. However, the appropriate medication must be taken permanently and does not always reliably replace the hair that has already fallen out. We offer effective treatment methods for various stages of permanent hair loss.

Permanent hair loss due to autoimmune and other diseases

In addition to genetic disposition, hair loss can also be caused by physical diseases or spontaneous autoimmune reactions. In an autoimmune reaction, the body attacks its own hair follicles, repels them or weakens them to such an extent that the hair on the affected areas is thinner or completely missing. Usually, the clinical picture is manifested by circular hair loss (alopecia areata) on the top of the head or by isolated hairless areas on the head. The hair on eyebrows and beard can also be affected.

Hair loss can also be caused by psychological stress, hormone fluctuations due to thyroid dysfunction or pregnancy, nutrient deficiency or radiotherapy (diffuse hair loss). As a rule, the natural hair growth regenerates after the causes have subsided.

If the causes of circular and diffuse hair loss cannot be eliminated by drug therapy, hair loss can be permanent. For this purpose we offer effective therapy methods to permanently replenish light spots in beard, eyebrows and on the scalp.

Hair transplantation in Istanbul - methods, procedure, risks

In our modern equipped treatment centres in Istanbul we offer our patients hair transplants according to recognised therapies of the latest standards. Which transplantation method is right for you depends on your initial physical situation and the size of the area to be treated, which is affected by permanent hair loss.

FUE hair transplantation (follicular unit extraction) in

In this technique, individual follicles are removed from the DHT-resistant hair ring at the back of the head and transplanted directly onto the hairless area. This elaborate method is suitable for patients who want to reconstruct small areas such as secret hairline corners or hair lines. The hair root density is one of the most important factors for the success of this method.

  • For this purpose, the hair on the back of the head (donor area) is shaved short and hair follicles are loosened and removed with a tiny special drill. The devices we use can even remove several transplants with three or four hair roots at the same time without sticking or breaking the follicles.

    Modern special drills enable precise removal of the hair roots at the back of the head. The picture shows a diagram of the hair follicle removal with a special drill.
    Modern special drills enable precise removal of the hair roots at the back of the head.
  • Then, tiny two-dimensional incisions (slits) are made in the bald area to create an opening in which the previously removed follicles are inserted. Due to the slit opening, the graft can only be used in one direction, so that a largely homogeneous growth direction of the hair is achieved.
  • After 2 to 3 weeks, the transplanted hair reaches the natural loss stage: After 2 to 3 weeks, the hair enters the reemergence process and permanently covers the treated areas.

Improved results of FUE hair transplantation with the sapphire percutaneous technique

For even better therapeutic success, we offer you hair transplantation according to the FUE method with the innovative sapphire percutaneous technique in our treatment centres in Turkey. The donor hairs (grafts) are not inserted into two-dimensional slits, but are transplanted into the scalp through an ultra-fine three-dimensional perforation.

In the sapphire percutaneous technique, we use highly sensitive needle devices with sapphire tips that allow particularly precise work. The picture shows schematically the transplantation techniques of the FUE method and the sapphire percutaneous technique.
In the sapphire percutaneous technique, we use highly sensitive needle devices with sapphire tips that allow particularly precise work. This allows an even denser transplant result to be achieved with a 15 percent higher growth rate. Scar formation is also significantly lower.

  • The three-dimensional opening allows the hair follicles to be inserted at a much more natural angle, while the direction of growth is limited in the classic FUE method.
  • The sapphire percutaneous technique allows a close-meshed placement of hair root canals. This allows 40 to 50 follicles per cm2 to be transplanted, making the hair even more luxuriant.

Patented hair transplant method in Istanbul - DHI-Plus-Gold technology ensures the best treatment results

For patients who do not want to compromise in terms of hair transplantation, we have committed ourselves to researching and further developing Direct Hair Transplantation (DHT). So far, this method has only been performed by a few renowned clinics: Most providers of hair transplants continue to work with the conventional FUE method, which places a higher burden on the hair and scalp and does not always lead to a satisfactory result.

With conventional methods, this is mainly due to the fact that the hair roots removed are often stored outside the scalp for a longer period of time before they can be used in the recipient area. With the DHI-Plus-Gold method, however, the follicles are placed in a special nutrient solution, which is otherwise only used for the transplantation of organs: In the solution, the follicles do not die off and remain strong, so that they can grow much better at the recipient site.

With the patented DHI-Plus-Gold technology, our team of hair transplant specialists in Istanbul has developed a treatment method which

  • allows successful transplantation and growth of up to 7,000 grafts in a significantly shorter treatment time
  • is more gentle on the scalp and hair roots
  • leaves no scars and accelerates healing time
  • leads to a success rate of up to 95%.

The DHI-Plus-Gold technique is painless and does not leave any scars.

For this purpose, our hair transplant specialists use a Choi implantation pin specially developed for the method: This pin, which is equipped with a gold-plated steel needle, can simultaneously create the recipient site and insert the transplant. Injury and irritation of the scalp and loss of the transplanted follicles are thus greatly minimized.

In order to make the treatment as pleasant as possible for the patient, local anaesthesia is performed without a syringe: Our doctors use a syringe-free jet injection for this purpose. In this case, the anaesthetic is not injected via a cannula, but directly into the treatment area under short-term high pressure. Not only the hair transplant itself, but also the local anaesthesia is minimally invasive and completely painless.

Procedure of the DHI Plus Gold Transplantation Method in Istanbul

  • Using a modern Hair Analyzer, our transplantation experts first perform an exact analysis of your hair structure, scalp and hair growth direction.
  • The donor and recipient areas are then anaesthetised with a syringe-free jet injection.
  • Using gently rotating special drills, the hair roots are removed from the donor area at the back of the head and placed in the nutrient solution.
  • With the Choi implantation pin, the follicles are removed from the nutrient solution and transplanted at an angle of approx. 40 to 45° directly onto the recipient area.
  • A subsequent steam treatment with a multivitamin complex dissolved in ozone not only stimulates the healing of the tissue, but also supplies and strengthens the follicles with biotin, folic acid, vitamins B1, B2 and B6 as well as pantothenic acid and an active agent specially developed by us.
  • For fast wound healing, the treating physicians then apply a gold cream specially formulated by us. This also eliminates the need to cover the wound with a conspicuous dressing.
  • After 24 hours the cream is gently removed and the area is treated with a laser which protects the transplanted crafts and supports the growth.
  • For hair care and protection at home, our specialists will also provide you with suitable shampoos and lotions and explain how to use them.

Beard hair and eyebrow transplantation

The FUE method is also used to fill up incomplete or thin beard and eyebrow hair. The hair is extracted from the scalp or other suitable parts of the body and used to build up the beard or fill the eyebrows in the corresponding areas of the skin.

The session lasts about 2 to 6 hours and is performed with a local anaesthetic. A preliminary medical examination is necessary for the transplantation of eyebrow hair, which certifies that the procedure can be performed safely.

Procedure of hair transplantation in Istanbul

  • Before the transplantation, our experienced plastic surgeons discuss the most suitable treatment concept for you. The desired hairline is then drawn with a pencil.
  • Already 1 week before the planned transplantation you should refrain from drinking alcohol, cigarettes and stimulating drinks such as coffee and tea and also interrupt the intake of blood thinning agents.
  • The duration of the transplant depends on the number of follicles to be transplanted. In 5 to 8 hours, up to 6,000 transplants can be inserted during one session. Sowing a particularly large number of transplants usually takes up to 3 sessions. With hair transplantation using DHI-Plus-Gold technology, the treatment time is reduced to one third of the time.
  • Hair transplants are carried out under local anaesthesia, so the procedure is largely painless for you. Possible swelling and tension pains usually subside a few hours after the operation.

Risks of hair transplantation

As a rule, hair transplants are carried out without complications. Nevertheless, hair transplantation, like any other surgical procedure, involves certain risks. However, as you are treated by experienced plastic surgeons, hair technicians and anaesthesiologists, these risks can almost be excluded.

In a few cases, patients report a slight feeling of tension or tension on the scalp. Skin irritations or itching, which accompanied the healing process in the treated areas, were also very rarely noticed. Wound healing disorders are almost never observed due to the tiny puncture channels.

Further therapies against hair loss

If your own hair percentage is still very high and a hair transplant is therefore (still) out of the question, you can obtain alternative therapies from us in Istanbul to stop hair loss and stimulate natural hair growth again.

Hair mesotherapy

If you initially only want to combat thinning hair and stimulate your hair to grow again, our specialists offer you a hair treatment with mesotherapy. The procedure is a regulation therapy with elements from homeopathy, acupuncture and neural therapy and stimulates the hair to grow again from the depth.

  • The scalp is first warmed and massaged in order to prepare it optimally for the treatment. A mixture of vitamins, minerals, plant extracts and classic drugs such as minoxidil is then injected into the scalp via a wafer-thin needle at several points.
  • The active ingredients stimulate and revitalise the follicles and can stimulate existing hair roots to grow again or prevent them from falling out. The right mixture of active ingredients is put together individually for the needs of your hair. After the injection, the injection sites are sealed with oil.
  • The treatment is carried out in 40-minute sessions. The first 4 sessions take place once a week, 4 further sessions are performed every 15 days.

One advantage of mesotherapy is that the treatment results become visible much faster than with hair transplants: hair loss can be stopped after just 4 weeks, new hair, and thus a fuller overall picture, is visible after 3 to 4 months.

A disadvantage of hair treatment with mesotherapy, however, is that the application must be repeated at regular intervals or after 1 year at the latest to ensure permanent revitalisation of the hair roots. Since the injection is carried out without anaesthesia, the treatment may also feel uncomfortable for some patients.

PRP treatment in Istanbul

In addition to hair transplantation, also offers PRP treatment. With this therapy method, the scalp is vitalized by specific active ingredients. For this purpose, a plasma concentrate with a high protein content is extracted from the patient's own blood by centrifugation and injected under the scalp. The concentrate has a regenerating effect on the follicle environment and thus stimulates the cell growth of the hair follicles.

Thus the PRP treatment can support the positive course of a hair transplantation over a long period of time or can also be used as the sole form of therapy: The injected concentrate increases the growth rate of the transplanted hair follicles and stops further hair loss. The body's own healing powers stimulated in this way also ensure faster results of the hair transplant and also vitalise remaining hair.

  • The treatment should be carried out at least three times. If it is used in addition to the transplantation, the first injection takes place immediately after the hair transplantation.
  • Further injections are performed after 2 to 4 weeks and after 3 months. In order to prolong the effect duration, the autohaemotherapy can be repeated at intervals of 6 months.
  • Only 8 to 10 ml of venous blood are required for a powerful concentrate. The preparation of the blood concentrate only takes a few minutes.
  • The therapy is painless and without known side effects.

Hair transplantation in women

Women can also be affected by hair loss or thinning hair. Similar to male patients, this is caused by hypersensitivity to the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which usually occurs at the onset of menopause.

However, excessive stress or hormonal stress during pregnancy can also cause the hair to fall out in women, or to decrease in abundance. Here the hair loss is mainly shown by a lightly hairy parting region, a high forehead base or a translucent skin on the entire upper head.

In addition, women are more frequently affected by a special form of circular hair loss in percentage terms. This variant (Alopecia areata atrophicans) starts with hairless spots and progresses irreversibly.

For women in Turkey we therefore offer the same therapy approaches and methods for hair transplantation as for male patients. For this purpose, even larger hair regions can be transplanted in women, since usually larger donor areas are available.