Breast surgeries by the experienced specialists

Feeling attractive for yourself is certainly one of the most important reasons for breast surgery - both for women and men (gynaecomastia). If you have to live with a breast that is too small, too flaccid or too large, you will often want nothing more than a breast correction. Our experienced specialists will realise your personal beauty ideal according to your wishes and always keep an eye on your health.


ATTENTION: Everyone is unique. This means that the treatment process, planning and outcomes can be different for you. The information you see here is the averages encountered in a large sample size. For details please contact us via WhatsApp: +49 170 5473999

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One of the breast surgeries we regularly carry out is the following:

  • Breast enlargement (breast augmentation)
  • Breast lift (mastopexy)
  • Breast reduction (breast reduction)
  • Male breast surgery (gynecomastia)

The technique and method of your desired breast surgery always depend on your individual requirements. Breast correction therefore always includes a detailed consultation and information session. This is followed by necessary preliminary examinations such as mammography or ultrasound of the breast. Depending on the procedure, the actual operation is performed either on an outpatient or inpatient basis.

breast enlargement

Breast augmentation is the most common plastic-aesthetic procedure performed on women. The beauty ideal of a full breast that conjures up an attractive décolleté is considered by many to be the epitome of femininity. In fact, in our daily practice we experience again and again that women with breast augmentation have a stronger self-confidence, feel freer and happier.

  • Deformation of the breasts through pregnancy and lactation
  • Age-related flaccidity
  • Asymmetric or too small breasts
  • Deformation after major weight loss

Deformities and aesthetic blemishes are eliminated in a breast surgery in a safe and sustainable way. By inserting silicone breast implants, both breasts are optically perfected and look the way you want them to at the end.

Considerations before breast surgery

In order to minimise the risks of breast surgery and guarantee a satisfactory result, a number of measures are taken before the operation:

Careful examination

To ensure that breast augmentation is carried out safely in Turkey, the patient is first thoroughly examined. The general condition is checked as well as the condition of the breasts. For patients over 40 years of age, ultrasound sonography and mammography are also performed.

The choice of breast implant

Each breast implant consists of a silicone shell and a filling. The filling is different. This is how fillings are dispensed:

  • Silicone gel
  • saline solution

In addition to the filling, breast implants also differ in their shape, as the result should fit the woman's body perfectly. Here you can find:

  • Round implants that make the breast appear fuller at the top and bottom and rounder overall.
  • Anatomical implants that imitate the natural shape of the breast and therefore have a drop shape.

Depending on the anatomical conditions, the appropriate shape of the breast implants is determined in a consultation. The condition of the thorax is taken into account as well as the physiological limits of the skin tissue. Special bras are used to illustrate the result: they contain the selected breast implant in the appropriate size and can give an indication of what the final result will look like after the breast operation.

Age limit

Breast enlargement should only be performed in exceptional cases in patients under the age of 18, both in Turkey and worldwide. The natural growth of the breasts is only completed at the age of 18 and should not be interrupted until then. If the dissatisfaction with the own bust size has however strong effects on the mental health of the young woman, a breast enlargement can be accomplished in Turkey with agreement of the parents.

For women 50 years and older, a surgical breast enlargement should only be carried out if the state of health allows it.

Procedure: How does breast augmentation work?

Breast augmentation can be performed in many different ways. The most gentle method is to insert the implants through the breast fold.

A four to six centimetre long incision is made in the skin fold under the breast, through which the implant is inserted into a premodeled pocket. This preserves both the sensation and the breastfeeding ability of the breast.

Anaesthesia and OP duration

Breast augmentation is performed as part of an operation under general anesthesia. Depending on the extent, the operation takes 1.5 to 3 hours.

After successful surgery, a breast bandage and a special bra are applied. The combination of these two measures prevents painful oedema and minimizes the risk of complications.

Although the patient can get up again after the anaesthesia has subsided, on average a few hours after the operation, an overnight stay in hospital is recommended. There the lying position in bed, the administration of painkillers and the observation of wound healing can be optimally guaranteed.

Healing process after breast surgery

Immediately after breast augmentation, the breast itself and adjacent areas of the body will be swollen and may feel unfamiliar and tense. A slight discoloration of these areas is also possible.

All these complaints usually subside after a few weeks. In some cases, however, the wound healing takes place over a longer period of several months and a maximum of one year. Regular check-ups at the doctor's monitor the progress of the healing process and the body's reaction to the breast implants.

To relieve the pain immediately after the operation and to support the healing process, the surgeon prescribes appropriate medication, ointments and special bras.

Behaviour after breast augmentation

As a rule, patients can resume their work a few days after the operation. However, it is important not to exercise within the first four to six weeks and not to lift heavy loads at least eight weeks after the operation. The first physical contact with the enlarged breast should only take place after three to four weeks. The supporting special bra should be worn for four to six weeks.

In order to optimally support the healing process and minimize the risk of complications, it is recommended to take a vacation for a few days after the procedure. In this way the body can be spared and wound healing can be accelerated.

We offer you the opportunity to combine your breast augmentation in Turkey with a wellness holiday. Our beauty clinics are specialized in the combination of health and beauty and offer you an individually tailored wellness program including the desired breast enlargement. In this way you not only get the breast you dream of, but also do something good for yourself and your body. Contact us for a free initial consultation.

Breast augmentation in Turkey

Breast augmentation in Turkey has many advantages. You realize your dream of a larger bust size, enjoy a relaxing stay in one of our modern beauty clinics including an exquisite wellness program and save compared to a cosmetic operation in Germany.

Profit from the favourable prices of breast augmentation in Turkey and take advantage of the opportunity to combine a holiday in a Mediterranean climate with a beauty correction. Our trained surgeons will advise you in detail about treatment methods and breast implants and perform the procedure professionally.

Why it is worth it to travel to Turkey for a breast enlargement

Imagine you are leaving your circle of friends for a two-week holiday in Turkey and not only come back relaxed and rested, but can also surprise your loved ones with a whole new silhouette.

A stay in a beauty clinic offers you exactly this possibility. Have a breast enlargement done in Turkey according to your wishes at the beginning of your holiday and enjoy exclusive wellness treatments, sunny climate and the urban diversity of Istanbul for the rest of your stay.

Breast augmentation in Turkey also has the advantage that it can be done at a lower price than in Germany. Although the costs for surgery and doctors in Turkey are as high as in Germany, the remaining costs for personnel and equipment are much lower. We are happy to pass these low costs on to you and make it possible for every woman to make her dream of a big bosom come true.

Feel at home

In order to make your stay with us even more pleasant, not only do our experienced doctors assist you in all medical matters, but we also offer you German-speaking support during the entire health journey. In this way, all open questions can be clarified directly and individually - from preparation to aftercare.

breast reduction

Too large a bust creates physical as well as psychological problems for many of those affected: You are constantly asked about your large bust, you simply don't want to endure these conversations and glances anymore or you have severe back problems.

A breast reduction is the ideal way to solve your breast problem in an elegant way. With a breast reduction you first alleviate the physical problems of a too large breast. As a rule, many other problems will be permanently solved because you will feel self-confident and in harmony with your body again. Well-trained specialists with years of experience can take care of your breast reduction in Turkey at good prices while you combine your stay with a special wellness holiday.

Our beauty clinics offer the possibility to book an entire health holiday, which includes relaxing wellness treatments and cosmetic surgery for breast reduction.

When does breast reduction make sense?

There can be many reasons why you would like to reduce your breast. Many women with very large breasts feel affected by their large bust in everyday life. Often too large breasts are annoying during sports or are a hindrance in everyday life because they do not fit the proportions of the rest of the body. In addition, women with very large breasts often complain:

  • Pain and tension in the shoulder and neck area
  • headaches or even migraine attacks
  • postural deformities which have a negative effect on the health of the spinal column
  • Cord furrows on shoulders and back due to tight-fitting brassieres
  • Dermatological problems on the skin of the lower breast crease
  • Sensory disturbances in the hands

In addition to the physical impairments that come with very large breasts, psychological stress is also a reason for many women to undergo mamma reduction. The feeling of being constantly stared at and mocked because of the large breasts leads in many cases to the fact that the women do not feel well in their bodies and are accordingly inhibited and unhappy. Breast reduction is often the best way to accept one's own body again. Women who have limited financial means can fulfil their dream of a smaller breast at reasonable prices thanks to a breast reduction in a beauty clinic. Contact us for an individual consultation.

Before the breast surgery

When you are in our beauty clinic, we not only take time for a detailed discussion about how you imagine your desired breast, we are also available to answer any questions you may have about the operation. Please bear in mind before the operation that it is recommended to wait with a breast reduction until the breast growth is completely completed and the breast has found its final shape. As this is the case at around the age of 18, operations on younger patients can only be performed with the express permission of the parents.

Examination and mammography before breast surgery

In addition to a conversation, your breast will be carefully examined before a breast reduction. We will also ensure that your overall health permits the procedure. For patients over 40 years of age, mammography and breast sonography are also performed.

How does breast reduction work?

Breast reduction always takes the form of an operation. The surgeon removes excess glandular, fatty and skin tissue from the lower part of the breasts. From the remaining parts of the glandular tissue he then forms a new breast according to the wishes previously discussed with the patient.

As with a breast lift, mammary reduction is performed using various incision techniques, of which the trained surgeons at the beauty clinic mainly use this technique:

  • T-cut: Here the surgeon cuts around the areola and vertically up to the lower breast fold. In the breast fold, this vertical incision is connected with a transverse incision - an inverted T results.

If necessary, the nipple and the associated nerves are also moved during breast reduction surgery. In order to drain accumulated blood directly from the wound, the attending physician also makes a drainage. This is removed a few days after the operation.

Anaesthesia and duration of surgery

A breast reduction is performed during an operation under general anesthesia. The length of the operation depends on the amount of tissue to be removed. As a rule, it takes two to three hours.

Healing process after breast surgery

After cosmetic surgery such as breast reduction, bleeding, pain and bruising can occur in the affected areas. These after-effects are completely normal and disappear after a few days. Medication with painkillers can help to relieve the pain.

To prevent the formation of blood clots under the skin and to ensure the result of the operation, the surgeon applies a pressure bandage after the operation. In addition, the patient receives a special bra that stabilizes the breasts.

Sensory disturbances in the nipples are one of the expected after-effects of breast reduction. These can be either hypersensitive or almost deaf. In most cases, however, the sensitivity regulates again after a certain time.

Behaviour after breast reduction

The special bra applied after breast reduction should be worn day and night during the first three weeks after the operation. In the following three weeks you should also wear it at least during the day. In this way you support the healing process and minimise potential risks.

You should also sleep on your back and not exercise. All activities involving upper arms, shoulder girdle and chest muscles should be avoided during the first six weeks after breast reduction.

How you can support the healing process

After a breast reduction you should take enough time for regeneration. A cosmetic surgery like this is a heavy burden for the body. In order to best support wound healing and ultimately the outcome of the operation, we recommend that you enjoy as much rest as possible at least two weeks after the operation.

Ideal is the combination of a breast reduction in Turkey with a holiday. So you can regain your strength after the operation and give your body the chance to concentrate on the healing process. Therefore, at we do not only offer breast reduction in our beauty clinics in Turkey, but also the possibility of a wellness holiday. You take two weeks off from your everyday life and not only return relaxed, but have also beautified your body exactly as you dream of it.

The advantages of a breast reduction in Turkey

Having the desired reduction of your breasts done in Turkey offers you some advantages:

Cheaper prices

Since the prices for breast reductions in Turkey are significantly lower than in Germany, it is worthwhile to have this beauty correction performed in a clinic. Although the personnel costs for our trained surgeons are comparable to those in Germany, hospital personnel and maintenance of the clinics are much cheaper. Therefore we can offer you a good price for your breast reduction.

No hidden costs

We will inform you in detail about all measures before the conclusion of the contract. Transparency and your trust are particularly important to us.

German-speaking accompaniment

You can also have your breast reduction done in Turkey if you do not speak Turkish. Since we have numerous patients from Germany, we offer a German-speaking accompaniment for the entire stay. All information will be translated individually for you and you can ask all questions in your native language.

Enjoy the Turkish wellness culture in all its diversity

Let yourself be pampered after the procedure thanks to our wellness treatments and regain your strength. The unique combination of nurturing products, dreamlike scents and gentle sounds helps body and soul to find balance.

Breast Lifting

Every woman's bosom loses firmness in the course of her life. The reason for this is the binding tissue contained in the breast and the diminishing elasticity of the skin. When and to what extent this process starts varies from woman to woman. In addition to age, other factors also play a role. These include:

  • Hormones
  • The size of the bust
  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • connective tissue quality

From a medical point of view, a sagging bosom is unproblematic, but it often has a strong effect on a woman's self-esteem and psychological situation. A breast lift improves the appearance of the breast and ensures that the breast looks firm again even without a bra.

What you should keep in mind before a breast lift

A breast lift, like breast enlargement, is a surgical procedure and therefore associated with risks. In order to prepare optimally for your breast lift, you should consider the following:

  • Anamnesis: The attending physician examines the patient thoroughly and performs a mammography and breast sonography of the breast. In this way, diseases that stand in the way of a breast lift can be detected.
  • Stop taking medication: Do not take blood-thinning medication such as aspirin before the operation. Anti-inflammatory drugs or herbal medicines should also be avoided two to three weeks before the operation.
  • Stop smoking: The course and healing process of the breast lift can be supported if you stop smoking before the procedure.
  • Plan the exact time: If, for example, further pregnancies are planned, the breast lift should only take place after weaning. Although the breast lift does not affect the ability of the breasts to breastfeed, the pregnancy and breastfeeding hormones can cause the breasts to sag again. The results of the breast lift may then no longer be visible.

How does a breast lift work?

The breast lift takes place in the form of a surgical procedure, which is performed as an in-patient in our beauty clinic. Depending on how extensive the breast lift is in this case, the procedure can take up to three hours.

Cutting techniques

There are a variety of techniques for mastopexy. Which technique is used depends on the patient's breast condition and the desired end result.

Our experienced plastic surgeons at the Beauty Clinic in Istanbul mainly use one of these two incision techniques:

  • Periareolar lift: This is the scar-poorest breast lift technique in Turkey. With this technique, the surgeon removes a ring-shaped strip of skin around the nipple. The wound is then closed under the top layer of skin with a fine thread.
  • T-cut: If a lot of excess skin needs to be removed, our surgeons use the T-cut technique to lift the breasts. The surgeon removes the nipple around the areola, from its lower edge vertically downwards to the breast crease and there further inwards and outwards. Visually, this incision results in an inverted T, hence the name.

After the operation, the patient receives a tightly fitting breast bandage and a special bra that supports the breasts and keeps them still.

These incision techniques for breast lifting remove excess skin and (in some cases) move the nipple upwards. The breast looks firm and youthful again.

Healing process after the breast lift

Immediately after a breast lift, most patients are initially in need of rest and stay in hospital for two days. We therefore recommend combining a breast lift in Turkey with a wellness holiday. In our beauty clinics you can treat your body to exclusive beauty rituals and have a breast lift performed on one of your holidays. Afterwards you can treat yourself to exactly the peace and quiet your body needs.

Normally, the complete healing of all surgical scars after a breast lift takes about three months.

Any bleeding or bruising is normal and disappears after a short time. Your doctor can prescribe painkillers to relieve the pain, scars can best be treated with ointments and gels.

Behaviour after a breast lift

For the time after a breast lift, you should allow two weeks of rest before going back to work.

In order to optimally support the healing process, the surgical scars should not come under tension - the arms should therefore not be lifted and you should only sleep in supine position.

In the first few days after the breast lift, patients should only shower up to their waist.

In addition, women should refrain completely from exercising during the first six weeks after the operation. Sauna and solarium should also not be visited during this time. In addition, you should not wear any objects during this period.

Breast lift in Turkey: Health trips

Health travel is a very popular trend. Combine a relaxing stay in a Mediterranean climate with a cosmetic surgery. A breast lift in Turkey is suitable for all women who are no longer happy with the appearance of their breast. Age and various other factors ensure that the breast changes its appearance over time and is sometimes no longer perceived as attractive. A breast lift in Turkey (mastopexy) is a good way to restore the youthful appearance of the breast without the need for implants.

We are happy to advise you comprehensively on the subject of breast lifting in Turkey. We examine your breast and recommend a type of treatment that really leads to your desired result. In order to make your stay with us perfect, we also offer numerous wellness treatments. Treat yourself to a holiday in which you can enjoy the Turkish wellness culture, the oriental flair of Istanbul and at the end go home with a firmer breast.

Experience the trend health journey and inform yourself about our offer for breast lift in Turkey.

Holistic bodycare by trained specialists

Having a breast lift in Turkey has many advantages for you. Our experienced surgeons work according to the highest medical standards in new, top-equipped and modern clinics. Well-trained nursing staff take care of your well-being throughout your stay. Since the costs for a beauty operation in Germany are usually not covered by the health insurance companies, you can also benefit in this respect from the advantages of a breast lift in Turkey: The costs for doctors and surgery are similar to those in Germany, but other costs for personnel or equipment are significantly lower. So we can offer you the breast lift in Turkey at a very good price - with the same high standards as in Germany.

Since our team of doctors has already operated on numerous patients from Germany, we are also aware of the difficulties of the language barrier. For this reason, if you do not speak Turkish yourself, we offer you the assistance of a German-speaking escort for your entire stay. Thus, all procedures are transparent and comprehensible for you. Benefit from first-class services at reasonable prices and treat yourself to a wellness holiday from which you will return completely transformed.

A breast lift in Turkey is a good solution, if the psychological well-being is strongly impaired by the unloved appearance of the breast and the thoughts of the woman circle only around the topic breast. Arrange an appointment for a free initial consultation and learn more about the possibilities of breast lifting in Turkey.

Gynecomastia - male breast surgery

Gynecomastia refers to the pathological growth of the breast in men. This phenomenon results from the growth of glandular tissue in the male breast and can be observed in about half of all adult men. Some forms of gynecomastia can only be removed by surgery.

Over the course of a man's life, gynaecomastic tendencies occur more frequently, but disappear over time:

  • Newborn gynecomastia: Approximately 60 percent of male newborns have a breast attachment in the first week of life. As the infants come into contact with the mother's estrogens through the placenta and breast milk, they grow small breasts. Normally, however, these male breasts disappear after a few weeks or months.
  • Puberty gynecomastia: During puberty, some boys experience breast growth again. In this phase, the hormonal balance of the body is changed again and there may be a short-term overproduction of estrogen, which is responsible for the growth of male breasts. This form of gynecomastia is also usually only temporary.
  • Age gynecomastia: This form of gynecomastia is very similar to that of overweight gynecomastia. Due to age, there is a higher proportion of fat tissue within the breast. The enzyme aromatase, which is abundant in fatty tissue, converts the male sex hormone into estrogen and leads to breast growth.

The aforementioned forms of male breast are temporary, but the pathological form of gynecomastia is a permanent problem. In order to treat this pathological form better, it is necessary to look at the causes.

The causes of gynecomastia

Apart from the life-cycle related forms of gynaecomastia, a disproportionate expansion of the male breast results:

  • Hereditary predisposition
    chronic diseases (such as cirrhosis of the liver or renal insufficiency)
  • cancers
  • Taking medications (because some medications used to treat heart disease, antibiotics, or antidepressants contain substances that affect the hormone balance)
  • excessive long-term drug use (especially marijuana and heroin)
  • Care products (some of which contain estrogens)
  • Weight gain (in this case, however, the proportion of fatty tissue in the breast increases)

Depending on the cause and stage, gynaecomastia appears in this way:

If there is a medical indication for gynecomastia, the health insurance companies in Germany may cover part of the costs. In all other cases, patients have to bear the costs themselves, which is why it is worth considering the surgical reduction of gynecomastia in Turkey.

What should be considered before the operation of a gynecomastia

Before the procedure, the surgeon will make a detailed anamnesis of your state of health and talk to you in detail about the cause of your gynecomastia. You will also plan together what your new breast should look like.

It is important for a satisfactory result that the patient already has his ideal weight. The measure to reduce gynaecomastia is only successful if the operation is not followed by a serious weight fluctuation.

You should also stop drinking alcohol and smoking a few days before the operation and avoid blood-thinning and anti-inflammatory medications.

How does gynecomastia surgery work?

The reduction of a gynecomastia is carried out by our specialists during an operation under general anaesthesia. A small incision is made in the areola of the nipple. After the incision has been made, glandular and fatty tissue as well as excess skin can be removed and the breast can then be reshaped according to the wishes discussed before the operation. Thin cannulas are inserted into the incision, which are moved back and forth very quickly by a small motor and thus pull the tissue out of the breast. This surgical procedure usually takes one to two hours and is very gentle on the tissue.

Although the removal of glandular and fatty tissue does not eliminate the cause of gynecomastia, experience shows that unattractive male breasts do not recur after surgery.

Healing process after the operation

As a rule, patients can return to work after two to seven days after the reduction of gynecomastia in Turkey, if the work does not require heavy physical activity. In order to support the healing process, however, patients should rest for at least one week. For an optimal combination of cosmetic surgery and recovery, we offer health trips. In addition to the surgical services, our service offers the possibility to enjoy a wellness holiday after your operation. In this way you can regain your strength and give your body the peace and quiet it needs for an optimal healing process.

Immediately after the operation a special compression girdle will be put on. You should continue to wear this corset for the first three to four weeks in order to prevent possible complications.

Sauna sessions and carrying heavy loads should be avoided completely for up to six weeks after the operation in order not to strain the scars too much. You can do light sports again after only three weeks.

Reduction of your gynecomastia in Turkey: All advantages at a glance

The treatment of a pathological male breast in Turkey combines many advantages, such as:

  • High-quality medical care by experienced surgeons
  • Good prices due to lower costs for nursing staff and equipment in the region
  • The wellness stay in a top-modern equipped facility
  • Breathtaking surroundings: Mediterranean atmosphere and exciting Istanbul city life in the immediate vicinity
  • Full cost control at all times through a transparent cost plan
  • Experiencing the Turkish wellness culture at first hand
  • German-speaking support during the entire process: from preliminary discussion to aftercare

Combine a wellness holiday in Istanbul with the convenient distance of your gynecomastia. Contact our team now free of charge for a first conversation.