Body conturing

An athletic body and a well-formed silhouette are an ideal of beauty for many men and women. On the way to a personal dream body, however, stubborn fat pads, sagging skin or cellulite are often in the way. With Body Conturing, we offer a wide range of minimally invasive, noninvasive and surgical therapies for the abdomen, upper arms, thighs and bottom. These include:

Fat reduction: Our beauty experts remove small and large areas of fat. Gentle and modern methods of liposuction are used for this purpose: With minimally invasive liposuction, larger amounts of excess body fat can be removed without side effects. With laser lipolysis, the suction process can be carried out even more definitively and the skin appearance in cellulite can be improved at the same time. These innovative methods of fat reduction do not damage the skin, connective tissue or nerve tracts.

Skin tightening with and without surgery: Whether through aging processes, after major weight loss or through pregnancy - sagging skin can be tightened through various therapy offers over a long period of time. In addition, modern and particularly skin-friendly methods such as radiofrequency and ultrasound therapy are used individually or in combination. These not only tighten specific areas of the skin, but can also contribute to partial fat reduction. For the tightening of larger skin areas such as the abdominal wall, thighs or upper arms, our plastic surgeons perform gentle tightening operations.

Body modelling by injection: As part of our Body Contouring range, we also offer targeted body modelling by injection. The injection of autologous fat is particularly suitable for this, for example to achieve an enlargement or tightening of the buttocks. Loss of volume at certain parts of the body, such as after accidents or injuries, can also be compensated by innovative aquafilling.

Summary of The Treatment

ATTENTION: Everyone is unique. This means that the treatment process, planning and outcomes can be different for you. The information you see here is the averages encountered in a large sample size. For details please contact us via WhatsApp: +49 170 5473999

Number of sessions / operations: 1 session
Duration of the operation: 45 minutes to about 3 hours
Process of return to work: after 3 days
Healing: up to 3 days
Anesthesia: Local anesthesia and partial anesthesia
Success of the results: continuous
Hospital stay: 1 day

Good reasons for professional body contouring

Body contouring is always an option when sport, a healthy diet and conscientious body care are no longer sufficient to achieve the personal dream body. For example, the fat cells in certain parts of the body, especially the hips and abdomen, can hardly react to diets or fitness programmes.

After radical diets, pregnancy or genetic predisposition, the skin can also become slack at individual parts of the body. For example, hanging parts of skin on the upper arms or stomach are considered unattractive and often put a massive strain on the self-confidence of those affected.

Body Contouring offers methods for figure shaping, skin tightening and body modelling. Regardless of which treatments you have carried out with us within the framework of body contouring, you can always rely on these services:

  • Our experienced specialists always take a lot of time for you and your concerns: For thorough anamnesis discussions, preliminary examinations and modelling, the latest diagnostic and imaging technology is available in our facilities.
  • Our experts will then discuss the treatment plan with you in detail and inform you thoroughly about possible risks and side effects. As a matter of principle, our beauty experts only perform procedures that are acceptable to your health and do not harm you.
  • The operations take place under partial or general anaesthesia and with the most modern treatment technology. Experienced anaesthetists are available to assist the surgeon performing the procedure. As a rule, the procedures themselves and the healing phase are painless.
  • After completion of the treatment, our specialists ensure that the results correspond to your wishes and that complications can be ruled out.

Body contouring through targeted fat reduction and liposuction

The distribution of fat in the body is often genetically determined. For example, even otherwise very slim people can have visible fat deposits in certain parts of the body. The abdomen, hips or thighs are often affected. The fat pads, which are resistant to sports and diets, not only disturb the dream silhouette, but also contribute to the formation of cellulite, especially in women.

The body silhouette can also lose its beautiful shape due to lipedema - a genetic fat distribution disorder in which large amounts of fat are deposited on the trunk and thighs of women. Lymph drainage, compression underwear or massage, which are often prescribed for therapy, can only alleviate the accompanying symptoms, but not eliminate the fat accumulation itself.

Our Body Contouring program not only offers effective treatment methods for liposuction and fat reduction, but can also achieve a skin tightening at the treated areas with the help of unique laser technology. With our methods, fat can be removed from the following areas of the body:

  • Abdomen
  • buttocks
  • waist
  • back
  • face
  • Chin and neck
  • upper arms
  • thighs
  • ankle
  • Breast reduction in men

Body Contouring durch Fettabsaugung ist an vielen Körperbereichen möglich. Das Bild zeigt verschieden Körperregionen in einer Übersicht.
Body contouring through liposuction is possible in many areas of the body.

However, fat reduction is only suitable for contouring and smoothing individual body parts in healthy persons: Patients with obesity can therefore not benefit from this procedure, as comparatively only small amounts of fat are removed. In addition, ideal results can be achieved if the patient has good skin elasticity.

Liposuction with liposuction

The liposuction we offer replaces the classical method of fat removal, which is often associated with very strong effects on the body. In many cases the fat was literally "torn" out of the tissue with thick cannulas. This not only led to complications, unnecessarily long healing phases and imprecise contouring, but was also often perceived as very painful by patients. The relatively large puncture holes of the cannulas also left unattractive scars on the skin.

  • The modern form of liposuction is minimally invasive. In many cases a general anaesthesia becomes superfluous and the convalescence time is reduced enormously. Liposuction is particularly suitable for patients in whom larger amounts of fat are to be removed:
  • In liposuction, the areas to be treated are first marked with a pen. The patients are then put into a light twilight sleep, which is considerably less risky than a general anaesthetic.
  • In the next step, a tumenscence solution is injected into the tissue: This floats the fat cells and simplifies the suction process. At the same time, the suction area is locally anaesthetised by the solution.
  • The excess fat is then removed via thin, slightly vibrating suction cannulae. The vibration of the cannulas protects the connective tissue during the suction process and contributes to a smooth and well-proportioned overall result.

Durch Liposuktion kann Fett durch minimalinvasive Eingriffe gezielt und schonend entfernt werden. Das Foto zeigt eine minimalinvasive Fettabsaugung.
Liposuction allows fat to be removed in a targeted and gentle manner using minimally invasive procedures.

Effective results by combining liposuction with laser lipolysis

Our beauty experts combine modern liposuction with Laserlipolysis Plus for the suction of fat deposits or to improve the overall result of liposuction:

  • The fat tissue is heated and liquefied by a laser inserted into the tissue. The wavelength used in this first step specifically loosens the membranes of the fat cells and is therefore particularly suitable for the gentle removal of larger amounts of fat without damaging the surrounding tissue or promoting bruising.
  • The liquefied fat cells can be aspirated through the thin cannulas by liposuction with lower vacuum pressure. The surrounding tissue and blood vessels are protected.
  • The second wavelength of the laser used in laser lipolysis stimulates the collagen fibres, which stimulates the production of tightening connective tissue in the weeks following the operation. This additionally improves the appearance of the skin and prevents cellulite. Supportive compression underwear can also be removed much faster after the procedure than liposuction without a laser.

Procedure of liposuction

  • Before the operation, our experienced specialists will examine you thoroughly and discuss with you the appropriate procedure and the necessary treatment steps.
  • The duration of the liposuction depends individually on which areas of the body are affected and how much fat has to be removed. On average, the treatment can take up to 3 hours.
  • The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. On request and depending on the extent of the treatment, this can be combined with twilight sleep, which is similar to general anaesthesia, but with considerably less complications. The procedure is therefore as far as possible painless.
  • After liposuction, a rest period of 3 to 4 days and wearing compression underwear for several weeks is indicated in order to maintain an evenly formed skin surface. The compression wash is adapted exactly to the treated body zone.

Risks of fat reduction with liposuction and laser lipolysis

Our beauty experts perform liposuction with liposuction and laser lipolysis as gently as possible, taking into account your individual physical conditions and wishes. As a rule, the procedure is free of complications, but in individual cases side effects or risks may occur:

  • After the operation, swelling or bruising can occur on the treated areas of the body. Feelings of numbness or individual hardenings can also occur temporarily. However, minimally invasive liposuction with laser technology can now significantly reduce these side effects. Patients also receive a manual lymph drainage 10 days after the operation to counteract edema formation. A protein-rich diet can also counteract swelling and haematomas and contribute to their rapid healing.
  • After liposuction, there may be dents and waves in the treated body region because the tissue is initially unstable in its structure due to liposuction. Due to the minimally invasive and gentle liposuction and lipolysis offered, these side effects can be avoided as far as possible. In order for the tissue to strengthen and recover, we adjust the compression lingerie especially for the treated area and recommend to refrain from sports and strong physical activity for at least 4 weeks.
  • Any pain that may occur after the procedure usually lasts no longer than 24 hours and can be well treated with painkillers. Pain during the healing phase usually does not occur.
  • Fat cells destroyed by the procedure no longer reproduce. Nevertheless, fat cells can accumulate in other parts of the body as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle. In order to enjoy the results of liposuction in the long term, regular exercise and a low-fat diet are recommended.

Body contouring through skin tightening

The skin is our largest organ and its health and firm appearance is not only dependent on environmental influences, age, nutrition, lifestyle and our genes. If the skin is stressed by radical diets, diseases or pregnancy, this leaves traces: In addition to a pronounced formation of wrinkles, sagging skin flaps also testify to the stress.

However, sagging skin does not only have aesthetic disadvantages: Especially in patients who have lost a lot of body fat after a radical diet, excess skin is often carried around on the entire body. These skin flaps are very susceptible to infections, as bacteria can settle in the wrinkles and ignite.

The skin can sag in different parts of the body. We offer skin tightening operations for different parts of the body.
These include:

  • Abdominoplasty
  • upper arm lift
  • thigh lift
  • Breast lift (also for male breast (gynecomastia))

Procedure of a skin tightening operation

The extent to which a Haustraffungs-OP must be performed varies depending on the body part, degree of sagging and elasticity of the skin. In principle, however, excess skin is cut out during the procedure and the interfaces are sewn together again. In many cases the tightening is preceded by liposuction. The combination of muscle tissue can also accompany a skin tightening operation.

    • Before the treatment, you will be thoroughly examined by our surgical specialists. In a subsequent anamnesis discussion, the course of treatment will be discussed with you and the procedure planned. Of course, our surgeons will also inform you about possible risks and side effects that may occur during the skin tightening operation.
    • Already 1 week before the operation for skin tightening you should refrain from stimulating drinks such as coffee, tea and alcohol and also stop smoking. If possible, blood-thinning medication should be discontinued.
    • The duration of the operation depends on the extent of the operation. As a rule, however, 2 to 4 hours should be scheduled. After major operations, especially of the abdominal wall, a hospital stay of 1 to 2 days is also necessary.
    • The skin tightening operations often take place under general anaesthesia. Our specialists only work with local anaesthesia for minor operations.
    • In order to support wound healing and avoid complications, a support corset will be fitted to you, which you will have to wear on the treated body part for some time.

Risks of a surgical skin lift

If the skin is tightened by a minimally invasive procedure, such as liposuction using laser lipolysis, no complications are to be expected as a rule.

If the skin tightening is performed with an open surgical procedure, there are only the usual risks of such a treatment such as complications in wound healing, accumulation of blood clots, pain or severe scarring. Our surgeons, however, are experienced and always proceed cautiously with skin tightening procedures, so that serious side effects do not usually occur.

Scars can remain after a skin tightening operation. This is all the more the case if extensive skin openings had to be made. However, scarring can be reduced to a minimum with conscientious skin care such as scar gel. In the case of a skin tightening by minimally invasive methods (liposuction) as a rule no scars are left behind.

Body contouring by spraying on

Due to the natural aging process, pregnancy or injuries, some parts of the body may lose volume or sag. Often patients are dissatisfied with a too small bottom, too small or unevenly shaped breasts and wish for more volume or symmetry.

For a satisfactory body contouring, we offer targeted body injections with aquafilling and self-fat injection through minimally invasive procedures without surgery. The injections are suitable for:

  • breast augmentation and breast lift
  • the compensation of unevenly shaped breasts
  • Po enlargement and shaping
  • the formation of sagging cheeks and eyelids in the
  • face as well as wrinkle treatment
  • lip injection
  • the aesthetic treatment of damage caused by injuries or burns

Our experienced experts only use filling materials that are well accepted by the organism and do not release any toxins into the body for several years. Another important quality criterion is the stability of the filling materials used to prevent leakage into neighbouring tissues. Last but not least, the fillers should contribute to a natural overall result both in appearance and haptics.

Body modelling through aquafilling

Aquafilling is a particularly natural method of targeted body modelling and is particularly suitable for the filling and modelling of buttocks and breasts. The advantage of aquafilling is that the filler consists of 98% water, which means that it is excellently accepted by the body: There is neither encapsulation nor inflammation of the injected parts of the body.

Another component of the filling material is a copolymer that gives the filler a gel-like consistency that is very similar to the feel of natural body tissue on the breast and bottom. In contrast to filling materials such as hyaluronic acid, aquafilling is much more durable and only degrades after 5 to 8 years. The material is then excreted by the body without leaving any residue.

Beim Aquafilling wird das wasserbasierte Filling-Gel über eine Kanüle unter die Haut gespritzt und kann so für mehr Volumen und ein strafferes Aussehen sorgen. Das Bild zeigt eine schematische Darstellung einer weiblichen Brust mit Aquafilling.
In aquafilling, the water-based filling gel is injected under the skin via a cannula, as here in the case of the breast, and can thus provide more volume and a firmer appearance.

  • After a thorough preliminary examination, our beauty experts will discuss the aquafilling procedure with you. Your individual physical conditions and your wishes regarding body contouring will of course be given full attention.
  • Under local anaesthesia the filling gel is injected with a thin cannula into the desired body area. As a rule, this is done completely painlessly.

Apart from a short wound healing time at the injection site, no further convalescence times need to be observed: You can leave the clinic immediately after the procedure.

Risks of aquafilling

As the filler is a water-based gel, no risks or complications are to be expected during the procedure. However, a possible allergy to a component of the filler should be clarified before the procedure.

In the specialist literature, a wound infection of the injection site is mentioned as a possible risk. Since our doctors have a lot of experience with aquafilling, the procedure is always carried out carefully and the puncture site is professionally treated so that inflammations are excluded.

Modelling with autologous fat injection (lipofilling)

In so-called lipofilling, the body's own excess fat is used to model different parts of the body. With a growth rate of the injected fat of 30 to 70 percent in the donor area, this filling procedure may require repeated injections, but the result will last for many years if the growth is successful.

The procedure is extremely versatile and can be used for body contouring in many different body areas:

  • Wrinkle treatment on the face: With the own fat injection, wrinkle formation on the face can be treated and even a skin rejuvenation effect can be achieved. Lip injections with the patient's own fat are also possible.
  • Breast augmentation: With a sufficiently high body fat percentage, breast augmentation of up to one cup size is possible.
  • Po enlargement: If there is sufficient excess own fat, a significant enlargement of the buttock region can be achieved with lipofilling.
  • Scar correction: By injecting the patient's own fat, hard scar tissue can be made significantly softer again and the contours between the skin and scars can be softened.

Procedure of lipofilling

  • Depending on the donor area, a sufficiently large amount of excess autologous fat is required to perform the procedure. After a thorough preliminary examination and suitability test, our beauty experts draw up a detailed treatment plan for the autologous fat injection. If the body fat content is too low or smokers are heavy, lipofilling is generally not recommended.
  • The donor fat is first suctioned off at a suitable location. The abdomen, hips or thighs, for example, may be considered. The removed fat is filtered and cleaned in a mechanical process and thus prepared for injection in the desired body areas.
  • Lipofilling is then minimally invasive, using cannulas and local anaesthesia. The procedure is completely painless.
  • Compression underwear made to measure for the respective body region should guarantee the smoothest possible growth of the injected fat cells and prevent strong mechanical stress during the convalescence period of 3 to 4 weeks.
  • If post-injections are necessary, they are carried out after about 3 months.

The growth rate of the fat cells varies individually and also depends on the recipient region. Patients, however, can contribute a lot to the success of the treatment: sports activities, sauna visits, targeted cooling of the treated area as well as pressure on the recipient area should be avoided.

Risks of lipofilling

The autologous fat injection is usually completely low-risk and usually runs without complications. If the injected fat deposits do not grow as desired in the recipient area, the fat liquefies and is easily rejected.

The specialist literature mentions the possibility that the puncture points of the cannulae can become inflamed both in the donor and in the recipient area. However, our experienced beauty experts perform body contouring with self-fat injections carefully and under sterile conditions, so that as a rule pain-free and complication-free wound healing can be achieved.

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